Damien Laudier

Founder / Executive Director

Damien is a biologist specializing in arthropod microanatomy and histochemistry.  He is the owner of Laudier Histology, a consulting histology laboratory. Damien is an avid fan of science-based cinema and strong supporter of the genre. He was inspired to start AfroSci as a vehicle to foster and showcase science-based cinema content from an often overlooked and ignored demographic. “The AfroSci film festival will be a place to create, connect and communicate”.    

Steven G. Fullwood

Managing Director

Steven is a writer, archivist and amateur photographer and filmmaker. Steven is the former associate curator of the Manuscripts, Archives & Rare Books Division at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. He is the co-founder of the Nomadic Archivists Project, an initiative that partners with organizations, institutions, and individuals to establish, preserve, and enhance collections that explore the African Diasporic experience. He’s currently exploring his filmmaking interests through documentary work. Fullwood enjoys reading about neuroscience, astrophysics, and watching science and nature documentaries.

Channa Comer

Advisory board/Programming consultant

Channa is a master STEM educator and lover of science. She has worked with students from elementary to high school and is passionate about helping them see the world through a new, scientific lens and about seeing themselves as scientists. In addition to her work with children, Channa works with educators to expand their capacity for teaching science. Because she believes the best teachers of science do science, she has participated in research experiences at various institutions including, Columbia University, New York University Polytechnic School of Engineering and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Channa is an alumnus of the Albert Einstein Distinguished Educators Fellowship program and as a current New School Creation Fellow with the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, she is in the process of designing a new P-12 school. When she’s not working, Channa is an avid traveler and enjoys experimenting in the kitchen and in the garden.

Karl Lewis

Advisory board/Programming consultant

Karl is an assistant professor in biomedical engineering at Cornell University specializing in bone mechanobiology research. Karl is also a lifelong fan of science documentary film and science fiction cinema. In Karl’s words: “I now work to create breakthrough discoveries from the realm of imagination and ingenuity. Aspirational possibility is woven into the fabric of science-based films, which makes them a powerful tool for encouraging other under-represented folks to pursue careers in STEM fields”. Karl is happy to be a part of The AfroSci Organization to inspire today’s youth to create visual STEM and science fiction content.

Marquis Martin

Advisory board/Programming consultant

Marquis is the founder of BLAKHAUS, a multi functional production/lifestyle brand that caters to Film, Fashion & Music. A Bronx native turned Harlem creative began his artistic film journey working for a number of Community Based Organizations throughout New York City. For the past 10 years, he has been offering and honing his skills at a number of NYC transfer schools that specialize in reengaging at-risk teenagers. Growing up and working amongst this population has made Marquis understand how crucial extracurricular art programs are for all children, especially those who may be slipping through the academic cracks. Creating short docs and films with inner city youth has ignited in Marquis a greater passion in combining the arts with his community and students. Marquis is excited to bring his talents to the AfroSci Organization.