The AfroSci Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2018 to foster and showcase science-based visual content from African Diasporic filmmakers.

Science communication has become a public concern because scientific understanding affects so many areas of contemporary life including health, the environment, space, natural resource preservation, and wildlife habitat. As citizens of the world, African diasporic filmmakers, scientists and science communicators are not typically included in the dissemination of media related to these critical fields of information.

The mission of the AfroSci film festival is to bring science-based visual content to and from an often overlooked and ignored demographic. The 2020 inaugural festival and future festivals, will serve as a platform for filmmakers of African descent, engaged in creating a mix of content including: inventive documentaries, thought-provoking science fiction, data and visualizations from research labs of black scientists (laboratory cinema), and experimental science film. The festival will also actively cultivate an interest in STEM education and scientific cinema from young black content creators.